A Domain of my Own

After reading Why ‘A Domain of one’s own’ Matters (For the future of Knowledge) I have a different perspective than I did heading into this undertaking of creating my website/blog. I came into feeling like it was solely about creating this website to channel my assignments to my instructors and to show that I was capable of creating the website/blog to appease a requirement and to check the box.

Funny how reading a simple article can change that. Now I an viewing it more an an endeavor to mark my path through the experience of wrapping up the ONID program and as a way to share my own ideas not only with others but also with myself, as it gives me the chance to reflect on my thoughts and perspectives.

This is a major mind shift for me. I am typically pretty focused on checking the boxes. While I reflect and connect what I am learning to my practices as a teacher, I never really thought about using the technology I am learning about to apply it to my own learning process. I would mark this a a good first step forward in my process. It makes me wonder why this class wasn’t required of me in the beginning of the program?

3 thoughts on “A Domain of my Own”

  1. Hi Melissa,

    The design of this class is of course intended to be the start of the program for folks. It never quite seems to work out that way. I am not sure why. I’m glad that the resources here so far have borne some mental fruit.


  2. Isn’t it funny that most of us are taking this class at the end of the program? If I had this course in the beginning, I would have been more likely to see the value in my first domain. I let it go when I wasn’t using it too much, but like you said this article helped change my mind about the influence of a domain. Especially after reading the articles for the Web Presence assignment, a domain is a powerful tool for people who want to showcase their passions and work to their future employer.

  3. I so agree that I would have liked to have taken the course earlier, although I did try last fall and it wasn’t offered. I’m really glad that Sean convinced me to do it now, rather than waiting, despite all my chaos this semester. It’s really such a pleasure to see how people’s websites are evolving. I know that reclaim is planning to raise prices in January – I hope it’s still something I’ll be willing and able to support going forward.

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