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This is my second experiment with storyboard That. I began looking at it a few week ago for another class and after that experience I felt I needed more time to really work with it to get a sense of it. After all it takes more then one time to really grasp a new tool.

Storyboard That offers a free account which allows you to create up to two storyboard in a week. I began by trying to decided what to make with it and really struggled to come up with something so I just went with creating a storyboard that could be used to support teaching some classroom expectations. I didn’t add captions, because I would use it along with discussion. I found it very cumbersome both times I used it. With the free account you are limited to the preloaded media, and I struggled to find scenes I liked for my purpose. I went back and review the getting started video for more assistance and they talked about using it for sequencing. So I decided to create another board, just to test it out. I decided to try using it to sequence three scenes from Little Red Riding Hood.

I can’t say this is something I would use in my practice. I still find it hard to find the scenes and characters I would want to use to share my message. When creating the class expectation example it was harder to find scenes that worked. For the Little Red Riding Hood example I had a difficult time finding characters that I felt represented the characters. Therefore, I can see students spending a lot of time trying to navigate around trying to figure out the best image for their project and getting frustrated with it. I also found that when I went to download it to my computer with had a huge watermark on it covering most of the image, making it difficult to see. I ended up doing a screenshot in order to post it here. I believe there have to be better products out there. That doesn’t mean this can’t work for someone else. It just isn’t for me.

Check out my two creations below.

Classroom Expectations created using Storyboard That.
Little Red Riding Hood created using Storyboard That.

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