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Personal Learning Network

Nature of my Learning

I decided to completely revisit this even though I did a similar one in ED655, because it is good to reflect more than once on something in order to put it in perspective. One thing I noticed about my learning environment is that I didn’t write on my Personal Learning Network (PLN) is that I spend a  lot of time asking people questions when it comes to work related topics. If I had to add individuals to that I should probably add about 7-8 people. I didn’t consider that initially when creating this PLN, and I am not sure why. I think I included some of them in the other post, but in that one I hadn’t categorized it into areas. Once I added the categories I actually found it harder to think about and it sort of felt redundant. For example: I collect info on twitter, where I also share and can connect. So it was in 3 categories. I know that there are probably multiple resources that I am not thinking of or simply not using. I also realize I probably share more than I realize in person. I often feel like I don’t share much at all because I don’t particularly enjoy posting on our discussion boards (very awkward). It’s not a matter of not thinking about it, but a matter of feeling uncomfortable. Yet at the same time I love everyone else’s feedback so I know if if my thoughts aren’t agreed with, they still have value. 

I read the Cormier reading several times. I really liked the way he described successful learning “as a map that is always detachable, connectible, reversible, modifiable, and has multiple entryways and exits and its own lines of flight.”  That we are constantly changing and growing based on what we are learning. I can see this in myself. I have evolved in many ways as I have learned new ideas, concepts and perspectives. I like to think I have improved for the better. In his blog Cormier referenced the idea of becoming an expert. This is the exact way I approach learning with my students. I am often telling them that they are practicing to become experts (sometimes it is about something as basic as walking the hall). 

One thing that stood out to me in the LaSota is the fact that when our Personal Learning Environment is no longer working for us we can augment it. I believe it is easy to forget about add to and expanding our network. We can all just become comfortable in what we are doing and it can take time and effort to find those new connections and resources to support us. 

Ultimately, our PLN should be an ongoing evolution of inputs and outputs that we  reflect on maybe with ourself or with others, possibly changed to make our own  or to meet certain needs and then share back with others for the betterment of everyone. It is important to keep this environment fluid in order to maintain it viability and its effectiveness in our lives.

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  1. I agree with your conclusions, particularly about seeing a PLN as an evolution of inputs and outputs.

    Finding a balance of sharing and posting to others is ideal, since you can’t get feedback without first sharing something. I’d like to think that in our PLNs (that we actively manage) we have trustworthy connections with whom we can share new ideas and garner useful and honest feedback. That’s how a PLN becomes useful.


  2. I agree with what you have said in your post. I liked your emphasis on the flexibility of personal learning networks. I believe that I had to do an assignment in a Instructional Design course about PLNs in fall of 2018 – and my PLN has drastically changed since then. By going through the ONID program, I have gained resources through classes, professors, peers that have enriched my personal learning network. This goes back to your comment about expanding and adding to PLNs as we go and to not become comfortable. I hope to continually grow my PLN!

  3. Melissa, I really resonated with your post – especially your point about Cormier – I’m going to have to revisit that one. One of my challenges is figuring out where to store all this great data. I’ve been introduced to Zotero at work and I’m thinking about using that as my storage unit, although Google Drive has been working well for me as well as long as I know how to store it.

    PLNs will be one of my big takeaways for this semester and perhaps, I may even engage with Twitter. You and Sean have certainly shown me that there are ways in which this could work well. If so, I’ll be sure to reach out.

    1. If you ever decide to use twitter add me to your people:). I don’t post much (yet), but you never know. I would enjoy seeing what you add and share. I have enjoyed that articles and reflections you have shared in both the classes we have had together.

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